Writing to Inspire Hope 
Stories that inspire all 
to believe in the Risen Lord
Stories that inspire hope
for all to believe in 
the Risen Lord

Books that Inspire Children to Believe in God

Dear Deer

by Jacob S. Wells

First in a Series of Picture Books

Written by a grandpa for his grandson, this book was inspired by the author's experience with deer consuming his tomato plants in his own back yard and by his observation of his grandson's faith and determination when faced with obstacles.

The second and third picture books, Finding Father and Just Jesus, are yet to be illustrated and published.  They will also encourage children to walk by faith. 

The author is a retired Registered Nurse and currently works with a religious organization in Spain.  Sales of his books help support the work that he does their.

The illustrator is the twelve-year-old daughter of a friend of the author who lives in Africa.

To Order Dear Deer:
Contact: Jacob Wells at jacob_s.wells@yahoo.com

(Currently, copies are available only on a limited basis.  They are $8.97/5.57£ each plus $1.50/0.9£ shipping & handling.)

A Book that Nurtures Faith in Children

  • Teaches children the importance of persistence in prayer
  • Reinforces the reality of Jesus Christ and answered prayer
  • Demonstrates how prayer is answered in unexpected ways.
  • Your children will want to hear the story often
  • Enjoyable for adult and children alike